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Summon for a position of a 40hrs PRODEP Professor within the Department of Social Studies Summon for a position of a 40hrs PRODEP Professor within the Department of Social Studies

The Division of Social Sciences and Humanities of Campus León, calls whomever might be interested in participating to occupy a VACANCY of a 40hrs PRODEP Professor (full-time), to perform actions of teaching, research, extension and management in the terms established in the Arts. 10 of the Academic Statute and 4 & 27 of the Academic Personnel Statute, within the Department of Social Studies, with the purpose to strengthen the academic programs of the Division of Social Sciences and Humanities Campus León. To be occupied starting August 1, 2018.


  1. Have a Ph.D. degree in any Social Sciences discipline and formation in Social Work, in one of the three degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D.), preferably in bachelor’s. Experience in Social Work will be positively valued, particularly in intervention. The Ph.D. degree must have been granted by an institution recognized by the Department of Public Education, or by a prestige foreign institution. To whom presents a degree obtained from a Mexican institution, this must be duly legalized by the Department of Public Education (the process will not continue, to anyone, if this requirement is not met). To whom obtained their Ph.D. from a foreign institution, they must be apostilled, and if the title was issued in a language different than Spanish, it must be translated. The applicants who studied the bachelor’s degree in Mexico, must also hand in a copy of their professional license.
  2. The applicant must prove knowledge and skills in intervention and community work.
  3. It is desirable to have teaching experience in higher education.
  4. Present the application in written, accepting to participate in the current summon in the terms and conditions set in the same.
  5. Present a full Curriculum Vitae, with a copy of the documents that prove their academic formation, career and achievements.
  6. Present two reference letters issued by scholars of renowned institutional instances and preferably from the field they are applying to, besides of mentioning the information of two recent work references (in the case of have been working), that might eventually be consulted by the committee. The letters must be delivered on a sealed envelope or sent by the issuer to the email that appears at the end of this summon.
  7. Present a work plan (free format), that considers the activities of teaching, research, extension and management, in topics related to their area of specialization.
  8. Have recent and high-quality academic and research products such as publications in indexed magazines, products with intellectual protection, among others, within the national standards that would allow the candidate to enter the SNI; as well as to obtain the PRODEP desirable profile certificate, in no longer than two years.
  9. Have publications in international indexed magazines in their area.
  10. Preferably have international academic experience in the specialty area.
  11. Prove the domain of the English language through the presentation of a certificate issued by a renowned academic instance.
  12. For the case of foreigners who speak different than Spanish, the applicant must, besides English, accredit the domain of Spanish language.
    1. Note: In the case of foreign applicants, the eventual positive evaluation of their candidacy, will issue a work offer letter from the University of Guanajuato, with which you may begin the corresponding migratory documenting process and hiring will be effective until the applicant can prove a legal stay in the country and permit to work. The University can assist in these cases.

Applicant’s accreditation

The applicants must submit their documents in a digital support (CD or USB) organized in a single PDF file. The file must be organized as is presented in the CV addressing the requirements mentioned above. It will be sent through a secure carrier or personally in the office of the Academic Secretary of the Division of Social Sciences and Humanities, Campus León. The documents sent by carrier, the date of the tracking number, will serve a proof of sending. Whomever is interested must submit their documents starting from the issuing of this summon until Friday May 19, 2018 at 14:00.

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