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To obtain the higher level degree of the bachelor’s degree or technical degree in its case, as well as those who correspond to the terminal high school or bivalent degrees, it is required:

  1. Complete the respective study plan
  2. Perform, from the chosen modalities by each Divisional Council or Academy from the High School as adequate for the taught study plans, some of the following:
  • A research thesis o professional exercise thesis and sustain an exam before a jury to defend it in the conditions established by the divisional council or academy in the corresponding high school.
  • In case of an art degree, the exanimating jury will evaluate the presentation or execution of the respective work, considering technical and artistic criteria.
  • Sustain a pass a general exam to graduate the bachelor degree. The Divisional Council of Academy from the corresponding High school, will define the characteristics of this type of exam and the minimum required qualifications to fulfill this modality.
  • Satisfactorily course postgraduate studies within the university.
  • A study degree or recognition is granted to a graduate to acknowledge the high and outstanding academic performance.
  1. Fulfill the professional social service, and
  2. The previously established academic and administrative requirements in the corresponding curricular structure.

The Divisional Councils and the High School Academic Council will set, in their respective competences, the bases or requirements needed to satisfy the modalities that refer to section II or others, procuring in all cases the maximum quality and therefore, a high competitive level.

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